About Us


Based on quality, tradition and unique culinary delights from every corner of Greece, the traditional Grocer Mary Oikonomidou - Kokkini awaits you in the heart of the city of Agios Nikolaos

Our route

Starting from delivery of the traditional village of kritsa and with incredible taste, We decided to share the tastes of our land with you

As our dishes are based on quality and tradition, We want our space to reflect the same feeling

We strive to have the lowest prices on the market, for this and we get directly from the producers. In our grocery store you will find:

  • featured legumes
  • separate dairy, handmade charcuterie & pasta
  • logio chiliw spices and herbs
  • products of chalbadopoiias Drapetsona Kosmidis
  • Chios mastic, manitaroproϊonta, chocolates
  • confectionery, jams and preserves

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Air conditioning 45 M2 landscaped so you feel and you feel the tradition of our country

Products quality, traditional and herbal distributed on racks in order to make it easier on your options, with our workshop to awaits you in depth of groceries

Handmade Cretan myzithropita and other traditional dishes prepared at that moment in front of you and you travel with their flavors. Don't hesitate to ask us for any product you want to obtain. We are at your disposal to serve you